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How To Submit A Budget

Submitting a budget through SGA is simple! There are two different types of budgets, a fiscal and a post-fiscal budget. Fiscal budgets are accepted by the Student Government Association in the early part of the Spring semester and are allocated on July 1st of each year. This makes up the bulk of the money that SGA allocates to campus organizations. On the other hand, post-fiscal budgets are allocated to organizations that need money for specific events, conferences, etc. throughout the year.

To see how to utilize OrgSync to submit a fiscal request, look at the following PowerPoint:

Requesting Fiscal Year or Post-Fiscal Year Budgets

After requesting a budget from SGA, the Budget and Finance Committee will review your request. You may be asked to provide additional information or be invited to a Budget and Finance Committee meeting to further discuss allocations.

Finally, the request will be brought to a vote by the Student Government Association at the next general body meeting. After SGA makes a decision, your organization will be notified.

To see SGA's guidelines on post-fiscal requests, please take a look at our Standard Operating Procedures.