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Goal 1: Increase number of CSE graduates

The CSE mission includes the charge to empower individuals and organizations to improve the quality of life for people around the globe through the application of computing and information technology, and the CSE vision states that in pursuit of this mission we serve the community by equipping [our] students and graduates with the skills in and knowledge of computing necessary to solve today's real-world problems and face tomorrow's challenges. Since there is ample evidence that organizations cannot attract a sufficient number of individuals with the required computing skills, it is incumbent on CSE to find ways to increase its number of graduates. However, merely graduating students will not allow CSE to fulfill its mission. CSE graduates must have the skills and knowledge that organizations are looking for, and this clearly requires that the programs that we offer must be of high quality.


  1. Maintain high quality graduate and undergraduate programs;
  2. Increase enrollment of new students, paying special attention to high ability students;
  3. Increase the diversity of our student population to better reflect the demographics of our target population;
  4. Improve degree completion rates;
  5. Facilitate placement of graduates;
  6. Establish and maintain new programs and/or new courses that meet demands for computing education and that are not currently being met by programs offered by CSE or any providers of higher education.

Assessment and Progress

Data on actual graduates are available at /schoolcse/strategicplan/graduates.htm. The data indicate that CSE is making progress in that the number of graduates is slowly increasing.