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Software engineering represents the fastest growing segment of software professionals, men and women who solve problems and issues in the development of mission-critical software to meet the needs of business and industry.  The MS in Software Engineering at Southern Polytechnic State University prepares students for careers in this field by exposing them to real-time strategies and procedures that will give them a competitive edge in the market.  All courses in the program are available both face-to-face and online, and students can decide which delivery more is best for them for a particular course.

The program is primarily designed to prepare students for leadership positions in the software and computing related industry in two to five years horizon after graduation. These leadership positions may be in one or more of the following areas

  • Project and Process Management
  • Business and Requirements Analysis
  • Applications and Systems Design
  • Applications Implementation and Development
  • Testing and Quality Management
  • Systems Maintenance and Support Services

At least some of the graduates of the Software Engineering Graduate program are also prepared to further their graduate education. Examples of further degrees that the graduates are prepared for are a doctoral education in a computing related field, an MBA with IT or IS track, or a Law degree with Intellectual Property concentration in software and computing.

In order to prepare students for these careers, students will, at the time that they graduate from the program, be able to

  1. Apply basic knowledge of discrete mathematics and formal methods in the modeling and analysis of software systems
  2. Apply quality principles and quantitative analysis to the definition and evaluation of software systems and processes
  3. Independently explore new topics in software engineering or related application domains and effectively present the research in written and oral reports.
  4. Work effectively as a part of a team, including teams that may be geographically distributed, to develop a software system and to lead in one area of project development, such as project management, requirements analysis, architecture, construction, or quality assurance.
  5. Perform the major project and process management activities

If you are interested, please contact

Mr. Jonathan Lartigue
MSSWE Program Coordinator
Telephone: 678-915-3426


Dr. Jon Preston, Chair
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Telephone: 678-915-5559