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MS in Computer Science

Dr Sheryl Duggins The MS in Computer Science assumes that students have a significant background in computing.  It both deepens and broadens their knowledge of Computer Science, and prepares them for positions of more responsibility in the computing industry, as well as for further postgraduate studies.  Students interested in the MS in Computer Science will typically have a first degree in computer science.  For those students who are interested in the program but do not have the required prerequisite knowledge, we offer the graduate transition certificate in computer science.

As students graduate from the program, they will be able to

  1. Demonstrate the understanding of the capabilities and limits of computation, hardware and software systems, and software development.
  2. Analyze problems in the computing discipline and design solutions that integrate hardware and software, and that are technologically appropriate and theoretically sound.
  3. Manage system complexity by applying best practices of the discipline.
  4. Effectively communicate technical information, as expected within the discipline.
  5. Research and critique computing literature, and utilize it for proposing solutions.

For further information about the MS in Computer Science, please contact

Dr. Jeff Chastine
MSCS Coordinator
Telephone: 678-915-6868


Dr. Jon Preston, Chair
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Telephone: 678-915-5559