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Will I find a job?

Students at Work Having heard and seen all the stories about the outsourcing of computing jobs, you may ask yourself whether you will be able to find a job when you graduate.  As it turns out, employment opportunities for computing graduates are as good now as they have been in any time in the past.  Moreover, the jobs that our degree programs prepare you for are some of the best jobs to have.  Here are some data:

  1. According to the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor, the top two and five of the top ten best-paying jobs are computing-related, and many of the fastest growing professions are the ones that our programs prepare you for.  In fact, the Bureau of Labor expects that there will be 1.5 million jobs for graduates from computing programs between now and 2018.
  2. A recent CNN story describes the jobs that you are qualified for when you graduate as "best of the best".
  3. Even more recent data, much closer to home tell a story that is very similar.  Reports from Georgia's Department of Labor tell a similar story.

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) maintains a web site with information on careers in computing.