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CSE Undergraduate Courses

In reading the entries in the schedule, use the following legend:

Symbol Meaning
D Offered during the day
E Offering during the evening
O Offering online
XY Offered both X and Y
X/Y Offered either X or Y with preference for X
+ Offered.  Mode and time undetermined
- Not guaranteed to be offered


Course Code Course Title Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd   Fall Odd Spring Even Summer Even
CSE 1002 Introduction to the Computing Disciplines DE DE -   DE DE -
CSE 1301C Programming and Problem Solving I DE DE     E D D/E
CSE 1301J Programming and Problem Solving I E E/D E/D   E/D E E/D
CSE 1301E Programming I for Engineers DE DE D/E   DE DE E/D
CSE 1302C Programming and Problem Solving II E D E/D   D E  
CSE 1302J Programming and Problem Solving II D E E/D   E D E/D
CSE 1302E Programming II for Engineers E D     E D  
CSE 3642 Professional Practices and Ethics DO DE/O DO   DO DE/O DO
CSE 4983 CSE Computing Internship + + +   + + +
CSE 4990 Graduation Seminar O O O   O O O