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Transfer Credit

General Guidelines for Awarding Transfer Credit

Transfer courses will be assigned SPSU course numbers if they are determined to be an exact equivalent to a SPSU course. Elective credit will be assigned if a course can not be deemed an exact equivalent.

Department Chair approval is required for elective credit to substitute for a SPSU course. Please see your academic advisor for possible course substitution.

Acceptance of transfer credit does not imply applicability to any specific degree program.

All courses taken must be completed with a grade of "C" or better in accredited programs, and correspond in time and content to courses offered by SPSU. A grade of "D" is acceptable for Core Curriculum courses taken from a University System of Georgia institution, with the exception of ENGL 1101, ENGL 1102, MATH 1111, and MATH 1113.

Transfer hours awarded are dependent on the number of credit hours earned when the course was completed.

The number of Free Elective hours awarded may exceed the number required for any specific degree.

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