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Miscellaneous Information



a. A grade of “I” is awarded only when a student was doing satisfactory work but, for non-academic reasons beyond his or her control, was unable to meet the full requirements of the course. If a student wishes to discontinue a course for non-academic reasons before the last day to withdraw he or she should be advised to withdraw from the course. Incompletes are only used during the last part of the term when unforeseen events prevent the student from completing all graded assignments.

b. If an incomplete grade is assigned, the student is responsible for coordinating with the professor who assigned the incomplete to determine what must be accomplished in order to convert the incomplete to anormal grade.

c. An incomplete grade must be converted to a regular grade no later than the grade reporting deadline for the term following the term in which the incomplete grade was assigned, regardless of whether the students enrolled that term. For example, if a student is assigned an incomplete during spring term, the student must coordinate with the faculty member and complete all work for the course no later than the grade reporting deadline for summer term.

d. If the incomplete grade is not converted to a normal grade as outlined above, the registrar shall convert the incomplete to an F. In no case shall an I become a permanent grade.

e. The student should not register for the course again while the I grade is in effect.


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