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Alcohol: Easy ways to TURN DOWN a drink!

Ways to refuse a Drink/Drugs


· "No, thanks!"


No explanation necessary; your response can be short, sweet and direct.


· "Thanks, but I've got a ton of work to do later."


· "I'd rather get my own, thanks."


· "I'm allergic to alcohol."


· "I'm driving tonight."


· "I have an important meeting tomorrow."


· "I'm OK for now."


Keep a half-filled cup with you, whether you are drinking or not.


· "No thanks, I'm taking medicines that I can't drink with."


· "I'm dieting....alcohol's got too many calories."


· With an invitation...Leave the option open for the future.


· "Not now, but maybe later" or "Another time"


*With a friend...

Plan with a friend beforehand what each of you will or will not do, stay with the plan, and stick together. The decision to drink less then becomes kind of a team effort. /


*With an exit...

*Plan to physically relocate in case you feel you are in an uncomfortable situation. /


· "No thanks, I'm still a little partied out from New Year's".


· "I've had enough"


· Again: short, to the point and completely acceptable.


· "You know what your problem is? You think too much about others.


· It's time you start making yourself and your needs a top priority."


"Why - do I seem sober?”/


1. See, I've got this thing about putting poison into my body... I try not to.


2. Drinking at West Canaan High was your life...I don't want YOUR LIFE!


(props to Varsity Blues)


3. I do not want to lose what little intelligence and common sense I have.


4. I'm too much of a jerk when I'm sober. It won't be any better if I'm drunk.


5. I'm donating a kidney to my 8-year old cousin tomorrow...and he's already a recovering alcoholic.


6. I'm allergic to anything that looks like Kool-Aid...I turn red and bloaty and end up crashing through a wall and yelling "Oh YEAH!" at everyone.


7. Hey thanks for the let me tell you about how brilliant L. Ron Hubbard is...


8. That is very kind of you, I'd love an apple juice, glass of soda, etc. if you don't mind.


9. Sorry, I never drink on Friday (or whatever day it is)


10. Not right now -- the party's wild enough as it is and I want to appreciate it fully.


-Compiled by John Spranza, Georgia Highlands College



No more -- I leak.


I'm too young and dangerous.


No Mas


Too windy, I'll spill it.


I'm delaying my start.


You see, I'm expecting.


Sorry, I'm allergic.


No. I'm single.


Nope, not in front of the kids!


Not my time. Later, maybe.


No. And you're the 548th to ASK!


Nope. My limit is two.


Not that desperate.


* No thanks, my liver is tired

* I can't lift 12 ounces

* I already have a 6 pack

* I would rather not waste the calories

* I am trying to prevent a beer belly

* I don't feel like praying to the porcelain gods tonight

* I'm driving

* I'm pregnant