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Sexual Health: Testing and Contraception

Don't Let Embarrassment Become a Health Risk

Nearly as many women as men buy and carry condoms. And many people use them — every time they have sexual intercourse. If you are embarrassed to talk with your partner about using condoms, practice before you are in a sexual situation. Then, choose the right time to talk — don't wait until the heat of passion takes over. It may overwhelm your good intentions.

Don't be shy — be direct. Be honest about your feelings and needs. It can help create a relaxed mood to make sex more enjoyable.

Talking is easier if you are in a respectful relationship that makes you feel happy and good about yourself and your partner. In any case, don't let embarrassment become a health risk.



What you ask will

save your life,

What you tell will

save many lives.

Get tested. Ask questions. Learn to live.


Be Aware.

Play Safe.

Live Long.

Stop AIDS.


"Two-thirds of all new cases of STDs are found in those 25 years or younger, Infections are so common in people of that age group." Sharon Broom,  ASHA

 Condoms are effective protection against STD transmission if used consistently and correctly.


For information on HIV/AIDS

Call the

Centers for

Disease Control National Hotline:



Georgia AIDS Hotline






Remember, AIDS is not racist, homophobic, sexist, or biased.

If you are human, you could get it.

Get the facts.

Take the test.

Save your life.

If you need confidential information, please feel free to see

Kellie Blosser (678-915-3439) or the Nurse (678-915-7366).

Or Visit PLANNED PARENTHOOD’s  website at