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Rec Center Policies and Procedures

Facility Usage

  1. Current SPSU students with a valid SPSU ID Card.
  2. SPSU faculty/staff that have paid the membership fee.
  3. SPSU Alumni that have paid the membership fee.
  4. GHC students that have paid the membership fee.

     Membership fees can be paid at the SPSU Business Office.

    SPSU faculty/staff $30. Semester
    SPSU alumni $45. Semester
    GHC students $51. Semester


  1. Members are allowed one guest per visit.
  2. The guest fee is $5. per visit.
  3. The guest must be at least the age of 16.
  4. The guest must be in the RWC while the member is in the facility. (i.e. the guest may not use the facility while the member goes to class).
  5. Members are responsible for damages by their guests.

Facility Reservations

  1. Only SPSU student groups/organizations may reserve sections of the RWC and Outdoor Rec Fields. (i.e. gymnasium, pool, fitness room, etc.).
  2. Reservations must be made at least 3 days in ad vance.  Earlier is better.
  3. A confirmation email will be sent to the organizing party.
  4. Intramural/Recreation sponsored events take priority.


  1. Equipment may be checked out with current SPSU ID card. (Basketballs, racquetball racquets, etc.).
  2. Members are responsible for damaged equipment.

Weight Room

  1. Shoes covering the entire foot must be worn.
  2. Proper training attire is required.  No steel toe/work boots are allowed.  Shirts are required.
  3. Spotters are required for heavy lifts.
  4. Collars are required on all bars when lifting.
  5. Food, drink and chewing gum are not allowed. Water is allowed.
  6. Music devices are for personal use only - headphone/ear buds must be used.
  7. Horseplay, abusive behavior and profanity are not allowed and can result in expulsion from the RWC.
  8. Slamming or dropping of the weight stacks or free weights is prohibited.  Please take care of your machines and equipment.
  9. Report any injury to Weight Room Floor Supervisor or other RWC staff.
  10. Report any damaged equipment to Weight Room Floor Supervisor or other RWC staff.
  11. Re-rack weights after you are done using them.
  12. Please wipe down equipment after your use.  Antiseptic wipes are provided.
  13. The radio will remain on pre-programmed channels throughout the day.
  14. No private personal training is allowed.

Fitness Room

  1. Proper fitness attire is required.
  2. Fitness room will be closed for general use while a fitness class is in session.
  3. Re-rack dumbbells when finished using them.
  4. Return all equipment to its proper storage area after use.
  5. Food, drink and chewing gum are not allowed in the fitness room. Water is allowed.
  6. Fitness room stereo system is for fitness class use only.
  7. Door to remain open except when fitness classes are in session.
  8. Combative martial arts are not allowed (person to person).
  9. Martial art weaponry is not allowed in RWC.

Racquetball Courts

  1. Reservations are not required, but highly recommended.
  2. Proper workout attire is required.  Bare feet are not allowed on courts.
  3. Courts may be reserved up to 24 hours in advance.
  4. A member may only have one reservation pending at a time.
  5. If a court has been reserved and not claimed within 15 minutes, the court will be lost and reassigned to another member.
  6. Eye protection is required. (Goggles are available at the front desk).
  7. Racquet safety straps must be worn on wrists.
  8. Food, drink and chewing gum are not allowed on the court.

Cardiovascular Area

  1. Equipment is first come, first serve.
  2. During high use times, please limit your machine use to 30 minutes.
  3. Wipe equipment down after use.  Antiseptic wipes are provided.
  4. Report any damaged or broken equipment to RWC staff.
  5. Proper workout attire is required.  Athletic shoes are required.
  6. Return equipment to start position.


  1. Proper workout attire is required  Bare feet are not allowed. Shirts must be worn except in the instance of "Shirts/Skins" pickup basketball games.
  2. Food, drink and chewing gum are not allowed.
  3. Report any damage to equipment and facility.


  1. Swim at your own risk.  No lifeguards on duty.
  2. Proper swimming attire is required.
  3. No diving.
  4. No running on pool deck.
  5. Food, drink and chewing gum are not allowed.  Water is allowed.
  6. Lane marker areas are reserved for lap swimming. When sharing a lane, use the "circle swim" method.
  7. Do not sit on lane markers.
  8. Return all equipment to its proper storage area after use.
  9. Pool closes 30 minutes before the RWC closes.
  10. Please contact the front desk to use chairlift.,


  1. RWC hours will vary during holidays, break periods and summer semester.
  2. Personal Belongings - Individuals are responsible for their personal belongings.  Staff will not store or monitor articles for you.  Belongings may be stored in daily use lockers with your own lock.  Do not leave valuables in an unsecured locker or unattended in the facility.
  3. Signs - Signs or posters will not be posted without the approval of Recreational Sports staff.
  4. Sponsored Programs - Recreational Sports programs take priority over free time/drop-in recreation.  After the area is cleared of equipment and participants, open recreation may begin.  Sponsored programs include intramurals, exercise sessions, clinics and special events.
  5. Organization Reservations - Campus organizations may reserve certain areas of the facility for private use.  no area of the facility may be used for private gain which includes, but not limited to private lessons/training of individuals or groups.  Fees may apply.
  6. SPSU IDs are non-transferable and are property of the University.  If an ID is improperly used. Recreational Center staff will confiscate the ID and contact the owner and possibly the police if the circumstances are appropriate.
  7. Locks left overnight on Day Use Lockers are subject to being cut and the locker will be cleaned out.  Any items left in locker may be picked up at the front desk after being properly identified.

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