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Team Captain Handbook

Southern Polytechnic State University



The Intramural program offers a wide variety of individual and team sports. Participants number in the hundreds each year.

Intramural sports are scheduled competitive and recreational activities. Teams are organized from fraternity, sorority, residence hall, independent, co-rec and faculty/staff groups. Intramural activities are offered for both men and women.


Entries for all events are taken during the published times listed on the Intramural Schedule. At the beginning of each semester mandatory Captains’/Managers’ meeting will be held. Information regarding rules, policies, procedures and scheduling specific to that season’s sports will be discussed. Entries for all events can be made in person at the Recreational Sports Office. Publicity with information on the activity’s entry open and closing dates will be posted throughout the campus. That information and any other information is also available by contacting the Department of Recreational Sports.


The Intramural Sports Program is open to all University students, staff and faculty according to eligibility guidelines listed below. The basic purpose of the eligibility rules is to provide an equitable program for all participants. The rules have been drawn as a guide to enjoyable participation. Therefore, the "spirit of the rules," are extremely important and if each participant is willing to abide by the rules, the net result will be a better intramural program for all.

1.  All students must be currently enrolled at Southern Polytechnic State University and have paid the semester  Student Activity Fee.

2.  Current varsity, junior varsity, "Red Shirt," scholarship, or transferring student athletes shall be ineligible to participate in the same sport, or related sport, in the intramural program. This athlete is also ineligible to participate in any sport while their sport is in "season". Exception granted if athletic coach allows.  A student is ineligible to participate in the same or related sport for the remainder of the academic year if they participated in a varsity sport during that current year (ie. became academically ineligible from one semester to the next, quit team, injury, etc.).

3.  Intramural teams are allowed only one ex-varsity athlete that has lettered in that particular sport.

4.  Professional athletes can not participate in the same sport, or related sport, in the intramural program.

5.  No more than two members of a Sports Club team may play for any intramural team in that sport.  A player competing under an assumed name will be barred from intramural competition for the calendar year.

7.  Any team using an ineligible player shall forfeit all games in which the ineligible player participates.

8.  A participant starting competition in any sport representing a team must retain the same team affiliation until that sport is complete.

9.  Playing for more than one team in the same sport will render that player ineligible for both teams and may put the teams in jeopardy of forfeit.

10.  Any participant who is ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike or abusive conduct will be ineligible for that team’s next game and may face further suspension as the situation is reviewed by the Recreational Sports Office. All participants ejected from contests must meet with the Intramural Coordinator before reinstatement.


Each participating team must have a roster. Names may be added to a roster in the following manners:

1.  By turning in a roster prior to the start of the season with players names and social security numbers.

2.  An individual player stopping by the Intramural office with their valid Southern Poly ID and having their name added to a team roster.

Showing up to a game and signing-in on site with a valid ID.

All rosters for team sports will remain open for 21 days after the first day of play for that specific sport. At this point, all rosters become closed and no new players may be added.

Under no circumstances will players be allowed to be added to a team for the play-offs.

It is the duty of the team captain to ensure that all of his/her players are on the roster.

If your team is short on players, please do not hesitate to contact the Intramural Office and access the Single Player Free Agent Roster for some additional members.


The Department tries to schedule games at times requested by participating teams. This is not always possible and there is no guarantee of a requested playing time. Games cannot be postponed by playing teams. This could result in a double forfeit. Once a schedule has been posted, game times cannot change.


Protest, other than those concerning eligibility, must be made on the field of play immediately following the incident in question. Eligibility protest must be made within 24 hours of the contest. The following procedure must be followed for protesting:

1. No protests concerning judgment will be allowed.

2. For eligibility protests, a written charge must be submitted to the Intramural Coordinator within 24 hours of the contest.

3. The Intramural Coordinator will rule on all eligibility issues. On rule interpretation, a team must call a timeout at which point the captain of the team will confer with the head official. The clock will continue to run during the protest. However, the official has the authority to stop the clock if the protest is being brought about to run out the clock.

5.  The protest will be lodged with the officials, who will clarify the protest. If teams are not satisfied, the supervisor on duty will become part of the ruling. The clock will be stopped at this point.

6.  All protests must be settled on the field. Protests will not be allowed to come into the office the next day except when concerning eligibility. The results on the field will stand.


Sportsmanship is vital to the conduct of every Intramural contest. In order to encourage proper conduct during games, officials, administrative personnel and supervisors shall make decisions on whether to warn, penalize or eject players or teams for poor sportsmanship. These decisions are final. The Coordinator of Intramural Sports will rule on further penalties as a result of unsportsmanlike conduct.

The following may be considered as evidence of unsportsmanlike conduct: profanity; unnecessary delay of the game; striking or shoving an opponent; arguing with officials concerning decisions (discussion is allowed as long as it is done in a mature manner by the team captain; derogatory and abusive remarks toward an opponent or official; touching an official; any action the intent of which is to physically injure an opponent or official; any action which may potentially cause equipment or facility damage or any action which shows disregard for the rules or policies of the Intramural Program.

Each student participating on a team should choose his or her team members carefully, as all team members will suffer the consequences of any disciplinary action taken by Recreational Sports against that team for violation of the intramural rules.

A team captain/manager is responsible for actions by an individual member of the team or for spectators directly related to the team. The conduct of the players and spectators before and after the game is just as important as the conduct during the game. An organization will be held responsible for its conduct at these times as well as during the game.


Conduct towards officials or opponents by players, coaches or spectators:

INDIVIDUAL: Ejection from a contest for verbal abuse or harassment, threatening an opponent or official, touching an official or shoving or striking an opponent will result in penalties against the individual (s) involved. These range from the minimum of the Basic Unsportsmanlike Penalty to suspension from all Intramural activities for one full calendar year depending on the severity of the action.

The number one priority in Intramural play is good conduct and sportsmanship. When taunting and baiting are allowed to take place, sportsmanship takes a backseat. Examples include, but are not limited to harassing, heckling, badgering, or teasing to engender ill will, or mocking or challenging in an insulting manner. Any demonstration of taunting or baiting during intramural activities will be penalized.

TEAM: Team involvement any unsportsmanlike conduct may result in a minimum of probation for that team, up to removal from the intramural schedule.

Key Points

All players must have their SPSU ID at each intramural contest to sign-in and for eligibility verification.

All players on your team must be currently enrolled and a fee paid student of SPSU and has their validation sticker on their ID.

Any player who is ejected must make an appointment to meet with the Intramural Coordinator before re-instatement.

Be sure to pass along all rules to the specific sport to all of your team members. Rules sheets are available in the Rec Center.

Schedules are posted each Thursday for the following week. Make sure all of players know where to get their copy and or be able inform all of your team of your next contest.

Make sure all players on your team are aware of the uniform requirements for each sport they are participating in.

Call the Intramural Office with any questions. 528-6811

**Intramurals is your time to get away and enjoy yourselves. This program is designed for the enjoyment of the participants. The more informed you keep your team the better the whole experience is for everyone. The Intramural Program thanks you for your efforts as the team captain and wishes you the best during the season. Please call if there is anything we can help you with.