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UPS Campus Ship

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UPS Campus Ship


Campus Ship is a feature offered by United Parcel Service (UPS) that allows the SPSU community to ship packages through UPS at a discounted rate. Below is detailed information about Campus Ship.


1)      When should I use Campus Ship?

Campus Ship can be used right from your computer. Campus Ship is set up for the SPSU community so navigating the web site is fast and easy. Campus Ship may be used for shipping most any item that needs a tracking number or expedited delivery. Campus Ship will allow you (the shipper) to track an item from the moment it is picked up to the moment it arrives at its destination. Each package will receive a unique tracking number for each package giving the shipper the ability to see who signed for the package as well as the date and time that the package arrived at its destination. Additionally the shipping history feature in Campus Ship allows the shipper to look up past deliveries. The shipper can also, if needed, void a shipment before the shipping label is printed. Finally, there is a shipping preference section that will allow the shipper to store addresses so an address that is used multiple times will not have to be re-entered.


2) How do I get started with Campus Ship?

All requests for access to Campus Ship must be submitted by a central contact individual in a department and sent to Building F8 to the attention of the Manager of Central Receiving/Inventory Management for approval. The application must be completed and signed off by the department head or signatory authority prior to sending. After the application is approved, an email with a temporary password will be sent to the person listed on the application.   Once the applicant has responded to the email, the applicant is ready to start using Campus Ship.


3) How do I fill out the information on Campus Ship?

On the address screen of Campus Ship enter the recipient’s address. Please note that the recipient’s address must be a physical address - UPS does not accept PO Boxes as a recipient’s address. Additionally, the person receiving the package should be listed along with a phone number. In the reference section place your departmental account number. The reference section will determine which department will be billed for the shipping cost.

The next sections are for selecting the desired shipping method and packaging selection. The various shipping methods and options are as follows: Next day early AM delivery; next day delivery by 10:00AM; next day delivery by 3:00PM; second day delivery and finally ground delivery. All delivery methods for packages will have a tracking number.

Selecting the correct packaging is critical. All items must be weighed in order to get the correct price. Next day service and second day service should be placed in an UPS envelope unless it requires larger packaging. Items being shipped using ground service should not be placed in a UPS envelope. All non-UPS packaging must be measured; the box must be measured for length, width, and height.  


4) How do I order Supplies?

Supplies can be ordered from the Campus Ship web site. Just log in as normal and select ordering supplies; supplies are free of charge. Central Receiving is also available for assistance in ordering supplies.


5) How do I get my item picked up?

Option 1: Have Central Receiving pick up your package

Call Central Receiving at extension 7258.

Option 2: Use the UPS drop box located behind the Library next to the dock. The drop box can only be used for items that fit into the drop box. Items cannot be left around the drop box.


6) What if I need help from UPS?

You may contact UPS by phone at (800) 742-5877 or you may go online to UPS.com for further assistance.