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F. A. Q. s

Purchasing Furniture

Furniture may be purchased from the State of Georgia Furniture Contract SWC 060748.  This is a convenience contract issued by the State.  Please contact the Office of Procurement for assistance in utilizing the contract and in purchasing furniture.  A link to the statewide contract index is provided here:

Question: When does an order require a bid?

Answer: Whether or not an order requires bidding will depend on several factors. If the materials, service or equipment are on existing contracts with the University or on a statewide contract, no bids are necessary. If the purchase is justified as a Sole Source Purchase, bids are not necessary.

If neither one of these conditions exist and the proposed purchase is estimated to cost between $3,000 and $5,000, bids may be solicited based on the judgment of the Procurement Office professional buying staff.

If neither of these conditions exist and the proposed purchase is estimated to cost $25,000 or more, the request for purchase must be handled by the Procurement Office for competitive bidding.

Question: Are vendors allowed to visit my Department?

Answers: Vendors are allowed to visit Departments after receiving permission from the Procurement Office. If your Department is experiencing unannounced visits from vendors, please notify the Procurement Office.

Question: How are Procurement Cards (P-Cards) obtained?

Answer: P-Cards are obtained by contacting SPSU’s Procurement Card Administrator Denise Sanderson. Please forward an email request to Denise Sanderson, and she will contact you, obtain some information and forward the appropriate forms for completion and return.

Question: I know that I may not use my P-Card for travel expenses. However, if attending a conference or workshop in another city may the P-Card be used to pay for registration?

Answer: Yes, the P-Card may be used to pay for conference or workshop registration fees either in town or out of town. However, all other expenses such as food, lodging, parking, etc., may not be charged to the P-Card.

Question: Is it okay for my department to sign a vendor’s agreement?

Answer: No. Please do not sign a vendor’s agreement as it may have stipulations that are contrary to State law. The Procurement Office discourages the signing of all agreements that are from vendors.

As stated in the Board of Regents Purchasing Regulations, the only person authorized to bind the University in contractual obligations is the Institutional President and her designee(s). The appointed designees at SPSU are the Vice-President for Business and Finance, the Director of Facilities (Construction Projects) and the Director of Material Management.

Any agreement/contract signed by any other individual is null and void and the signer may become personally liable for any and all costs incurred.

Question: How do I get a PO issued?

Answer:  Assuming that the PO is to be issued for an item or service that does not require bidding (see above), a PO may be issued and forwarded to a vendor.  Complete a Departmental Request (DR), located on the Forms page, obtaining all required signatures for approval and forward to the Procurement Office for review.  The DR will be forwarded to the Budget Office for budgetary approval and, if approved, a PO will be issued to the vendor.  If this is the first time that the vendor has done business with the University, a Vendor Profile form (also located on the Forms page) must be forwarded to the vendor for completion and return prior to the issuance of a PO.

Question: May I place more than one vendor on a single Departmental Request (DR)?

Answer: The Office of Procurement requires that only one vendor be placed on a DR.  If you need to make purchases from more than one vendor please place the items on separate DR’s, one vendor per item or set of items.  The separation of DR’s is necessary for accountability, auditing and payment requirements.

Question: Why is my P-Card being declined?

Answer: There are several possible reasons. The most common reason is that the cardholder has exceeded either his/her monthly credit limit or single transaction limit. This can easily be avoided by knowing your limits and keeping track of your purchases. Another possible reason for decline is that the MCC (Merchant Category Code) for the vendor is restricted. You can contact the P-Card Administrator to verify the reason but check first that you have not exceeded your limits.


Question: What should I do if I have reached my P-Card limit but I still have items to purchase?

Answer: You have several choices. 1) You can wait until the start of the next billing cycle (on the 16th of the month). 2) You can submit departmental requests to the Procurement Office; 3) You can complete the P-Card Change Request Form to increase your card limits. Please note that any increase > $5000 for single transaction limit and > $25,000 for a monthly credit limit will require approval by the State Purchasing Division of DOAS. 4) If the merchant agrees, you can place the order and have them send you an invoice with Net 30 Payment Terms. You can then submit a Payment Request following the procedures required by the Fiscal Affairs Department.

Question: I unintentionally used my P-Card to make a personal purchase. What should I do?

Answer: Notify the P-Card Administrator and your supervisor immediately via email and provide an explanation of the incident. Contact the merchant and have them credit the P-Card if possible. If the merchant is unable to credit your card you will need to personally reimburse the University by either cash or check made payable to SPSU. Bring you reimbursement to the Procurement Office and the P-Card Administrator will complete a deposit form and attach all supporting documentation including your email describing the incident. The reimbursement will be delivered to the Cashier’s Office. You will have to allocate the charge on Works. If your card is credited please make sure that you allocate the credit to the same department.

Question: I used my P-Card to make a purchase which is prohibited on the P-Card but it is a legitimate expense. What should I do?

Answer: As in the previous question you need to notify your supervisor and the P-Card Administrator via email. If the merchant is unable to credit the card, you will need to reimburse SPSU. You may contact the Foundation to determine if they will pay for the expense. You can then bring the Foundation Check to the Procurement Office and the P-Card Administrator will complete the deposit form, attach the supporting documentation, and deliver to the Cashier’s Office.

Question: I allocated my P-Card charge to the wrong department. How can I change it to the correct department?

Answer: It depends on when the charge was posted and if the department is still within your area. 1) If the charge is in the current billing cycle, you can email the P-Card Administrator to change it for you. However, if the department is not within your supervisor’s area of authority, you will need to obtain approval from the department’s signature authority prior to requesting the change. You then need to forward the email with the authorization to the P-Card Administrator. 2) If the charge is in a previous billing cycle, you will need to follow the procedure for completing the Fiscal Affairs Department Chartfield Combinations Maintenance Request Form.

Question: I do not have all of my invoices/documentation for my P-Card Reconciliation and it is due. Should I wait until I can submit a complete reconciliation?

Answer: No. Do not wait to submit your reconciliation! If you are missing an invoice or receipt you must submit a Lost/Missing Receipt Form. You can include a note that you are waiting for the documentation. After the documentation is received by the P-Card Administrator it will no longer be considered a missing receipt. (You are only allowed 3 per fiscal year). If your supervisor or other approving authority is not available to sign your statement and/or activity log please submit a copy with a note that you will send the original after the signatures are obtained. If you have not received your Bank of America Statement, please send the remainder of your documentation and send your statement after it is received. If you have not received your statement by the last day of the month, please request a copy from BOA.

Question: If an item is available on a state contract are we required to purchase from the vendor(s)?

Answer: Yes except under unusual and extenuating circumstances you must purchase from the state contract vendor. You must also use Agency Contracts and Statutory Preferred Sources (GCI, GEPS, GIB) if applicable prior to making an open market purchase.

Question: What is the difference between a Sole Source and a Sole Brand Purchase?

Answer: Sole Source vs Sole Brand Purchase

Question: When I send a Departmental Request to the Procurement Office, is the money for the purchase automatically encumbered?

Answer: No, funds are only encumbered when a Purchase Order has been issued to the Vendor.