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Policy 306.0 Academic/Unit Program Review (pending final approval)


The academic program review (APR) process affords Southern Polytechnic the opportunity to conduct comprehensive reviews of all academic programs, the Library, the Extended University, and other units that report to the vice president of academic affairs (VPAA).
  • The primary goals of this assessment are to address the standards of viability, quality, centrality, vitality, cost efficiency, program faculty credentials, and compliance with Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) criteria. A standard procedure is outlined below to support institutional consistency and to provide the necessary data for long-range planning (1) to ensure curricular flexibility, (2) to discontinue or to modify programs, or (3) to add new programs.
  • The review must emphasize the need for, and the goals of, the program or unit in terms of their relationship to the needs and mission of the university. Other issues that must be considered include resources available, and resources not available but needed to meet these needs and goals. Success in achieving past and current program objectives is an important criterion. The review also serves to establish future program objectives and is a key part of the university’s ongoing strategic and budget planning cycles.
  • Academic program reviews are conducted on a 5-year cycle that would accommodate accreditation cycles, SACS review schedules, and periodic reviews of deans. There are two reasons for this cycle:
    1. With some exceptions, it appears to fit either the cycle or half-cycle for accreditation reviews, thereby reducing duplication of efforts
    2. It distributes the reviews so that a manageable number of program reviews are scheduled in any given year