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DLR Funding Guidelines

2013 Funding Guidelines

In spring 2010 the Dean’s Council approved a new funding formula for distance learning. This formula provides departmental funds based on credit hour generation and became effective in FY 2011.

This new formula provides $18.00 per generated credit hour for distribution to academic departments. Effective in FY 2013, only courses which have achieved success in the course assessment process will generate departmental funds via credit hour production. Courses that were developed and successfully assessed prior to 2009 were to have been successfully reassessed by July 1, 2012 to generate departmental funding. All courses must be successfully reassessed every three years thereafter.

Departmental DLR funds may be used for distance learning development, marketing, and program support as well as for other departmental expenses identified by the school dean.

General Expense Guidelines

  • Expenditures may not be made until the funds are realized.
  • All requests for expenditure must include a completed and signed 2013 DLR Expense Request.
  • No expenses (except salaries) will be reimbursed to departmental budgets.
  • Departments may not commit to expenditure of DLR funds until the appropriate paperwork is completed and processed.
  • Expenditures will result from submitted 2013 DLR Expense Requests that meet the guidelines.
  • DLR funds may not be used for salaries except in the case of temporary salaries, GAs and SAs. DLR salaries must be approved in advance and paid from departmental funds. Expenses up to the approved amounts will be transferred to the DLR budget at the beginning of the semester after the departmental expenditure if the expense was submitted and approved via a DLR Expense Request prior to hiring.
  • All DLR Expense Requests must be submitted in advance of any expenditure or hiring commitment.
  • Submit a separate DLR Expense Request for each extra compensation payment, salary reimbursement, or item requested.
  • Submit all paperwork and necessary attachments to the OFSD (attention Dawn Ramsey).

Development Expenditure Guidelines

  • Departments choosing to pay extra compensation to faculty for course development or revision must either select faculty from the ID approved list (those who have completed TADL or successfully Opted-Out) or individuals who are registered in the 2013 TADL. (Due to the volume of course reassessments needed in FY 2011-2012 an exception was made to allow individuals not on the approved list to develop courses under the supervision of a DL Lead. That exception will not be allowed in FY 13.)
  • The DLR Expense Request must be completed and submitted prior to any course development work.
  • Course development must be contained and delivered within Desire2Learn and the course must be fully online.
  • Extra compensation will not be paid until the developed course is successfully assessed through Phase 2.
  • Departments will receive DLR funds will be paid only on courses current on the Assessed Course List.
  • All extra compensation or course release development requests for faculty not on the approved list must be submitted by October 1 and must be accompanied by a TADL application.
  • In order to qualify for funding, course developments for TADL participants must be submitted for assessment by April 30, 2013.

Marketing Expenditure Guidelines

  • Marketing activities including print and electronic media must receive written approval of copy and design from Laina Pond prior to contracting, placement, and payment.
  • A DLR Expense Request must be submitted with a copy of the Pond approval in advance of any contract, commitment or expenditure.
  • Marketing expenses must clearly advertise specific online certificates and degrees.

Program Support Expenditure Guidelines

  • All program support expenses must be submitted prior to incurring the expense.
  • For equipment purchases requiring EDP approval, you must:
    • First consult with IT regarding supported technology to get specs
    • Then submit a DLR Expense Request with attached specs to OFSD.
    OFSD will then prepare a DR and EDP, get EDP approval, and order the equipment.

Procedure for Extra Compensation Processing

  • Departments that wish to pay extra compensation for DL development must first check the Approved Developers list posted at to determine if the individual you wish to pay is eligible to develop courses.
  • If the individual is on that list, please provide the following:
  • A separate completed 2013 DLR Expense Request for each Extra Comp payment with the following attachments:
    • The original of the completed and signed DLTF Course Development Request Form (attachment B).
    • A copy of the signed Memorandum of Understanding between the school dean and the developer (attachment C).
  • Submit the paperwork to the OFSD (attention Dawn Ramsey)
  • Requests to pay Extra Compensation to faculty for services other than course development (i.e. payment for a student overload, etc.) must be approved in advance by the VPAA.

Procedure for Hiring a GA or SA

  • If you wish to hire a GA or SA to support your online efforts, please develop a job description for the position, the inclusive hire dates, and identify the individual you wish to hire.
  • Provide the following paperwork at least 1 week prior to the individual’s start date:
    • A separate completed 2013 DLR Expense Request for each position with the following attachments:
      • A copy of the Job Description for the position.
      • A copy of the signed EIF placing the person on your departmental payroll for the time period identified. (Be sure the total compensation is noted and limited to the DLR funds you request)
  • Submit the paperwork to the OFSD (attention Dawn Ramsey).

Annual Timeline for D2L Funding

July October March April May June
15 – Post departmental fund balance for summer term 01 – Deadline for 2013 TADL applications & Extra Compensation Requests for TADL participants 15 – Post departmental fund balance for spring term 01 - All non-TADL developed courses must be submitted for assessment to be paid in FY 13 01- Deadline for submitting 2013 DLR Expense Requests 30 – Payment of extra comp checks for 2013 development
  15 – Post departmental fund balance for fall term   30 – All TADL developed courses must be submitted for assessment to be paid in FY 13    

Forms & Documents

2013 DLR Expense Report ( DOC | PDF )

DLR Course Development Request Form ( DOC | PDF )

Memorandum of Understanding ( DOC | PDF )