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Current Students

Online Courses Currently Offered

Each semester SPSU offers a variety of online courses as part of online degree programs, or as part of the general course offerings on campus. Visit the Online Courses page to learn how to view the current online course offerings.

Academic Calender

The SPSU Academic Calender includes information about the academic semester, university holidays, and registration.

Technology Support


  1. GeorgiaVIEW Student Support Page - GeorgiaVIEW is the learning management system that SPSU uses to support SPSU courses and programs. The system is hosted at the University System of Georgia data center in Athens. The Instructional Design Unit provides institutional administration for the SPSU portion of the GeorgiaVIEW service. A list of the scheduled maintenance window and support information can be found on the SPSU GeorgiaVIEW website.
  2. Online Support Center - The University System of Georgia also provides 24/7 Support for GeorgiaVIEW via the Online Support Center. This service offers an online support database, online chat, as well as phone support for faculty, students, and staff.
  3. UITS - University Information Technology Services provides support for SPSU systems and software. They can also help troubleshoot basic GeorgiaVIEW issues. The IT Helpdesk is available via phone at: 678-915-4357, and work order tickets can be submitted online at:

Wimba Live Classroom

Wimba Live Classroom is available for all SPSU courses. If you have any questions or need support for your Wimba classroom, or want to learn more, contact Travis Melton in the Instructional Design Unit via phone at 678-915-3992 or via email:

Student Services

SPSU provides a wide range of services for students via the same administrative structure as our on-campus students, visit our Student Services page for more information about some of the services we offer.

Follow us on Facebook

SPSU Online Learning has a facebook page that provides information about activities taking place at SPSU. "Like" our page and receive updates about services, resources, and other information about SPSU within Facebook. You can view our Facebook page at the following link:

Financial Aid

Financial Aid is here to help ensure that each student online or onsite can pay for school. College is expensive, but there are a number of scholarship, grants and loan opportunities available to you. The Financial Aid Office can help you with your financial needs.

Office: 678-915-7290

Tuition and Fees

Finding out how much you owe

Current tuition and fee information can be found on the tuition and fee page. After registering, you can find out how much you own from within BANNER Web.

After you have logged into BANNER Web, you will:

  1. Click on "Student Services and Financial Aid"
  2. Click on "Student Records" (on the Student Services and Financial Aid page)
  3. Click on Account Summary by Term.

*Note: If you cannot recall your student identification number, you can look it up via the "ID Lookup Form" link on the BANNER Web logon page, or you may use the Division of Information Technology's Network Account Management System site at

Academic Program Information

Click here for the contact Information for each of the academic programs that offer degrees or certificates in online formats.

Academic Affairs houses all of the academic programs at SPSU. The Academic Affairs division is headed by the Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA), Dr. Zvi Szafran. Under Academic Affairs are five academic schools and divisions:

The Vice President for Academic Affairs supervises five academic schools/divisions. These schools/divisions are divided into departments and/or programs that are managed by program directors, program coordinators, or department chairs. Each department/division has an administrative assistant. Vice President Szafran, the deans, department chairs, program coordinators, program directors and administrative assistants are all interested in your success. Never hesitate to contact them with questions or concerns.

Form more detailed information about how the programs are administered, please visit the Academic Affairs website at: /academics/index.htm

 Online Resource Guide

The Online Resource Guide was developed to compliment our Online Orientation. This guide provides information and links to resources that are useful for online students.


SPSU is an eCore affiliate. If you are taking, or are interested in taking an eCore course, you should visit the SPSU eCore website to learn more about the program.

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