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Study Abroad

City as Text: This program is run by the SPSU Honors office and is primarily for Honors students, though on an individual basis, other students may be considered. Each year, the City as Text course focuses on a single city chosen by the lead professor of the course for that year. In past years, the cities of Rome, Berlin, and London have been featured. During the annual spring break, the participating students are required to make the trip to the selected city to enhance their study with on-site experience. While in the course, students study various aspects of the city's history, art, architecture, etc. For more information, contact Dr. Nancy Reichert, the Honors Program Director. [Hot link to her program area].

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences: The main program is a seven- or eight-week experience for Architecture students at the Bauhaus in Dessau, Germany. Students study drawing, German culture and language, and visit a studio based on the Bauhaus philosophy, providing a full summer course load. Excursions to other areas of Germany are embedded within the program. For further information about the program, go to [hot link to current Anhalt information].

North China University of Technology: The current program is a two-week study experience for Business majors to Beijing. Students receive lectures—in English—from NCUT faculty, visit businesses around Beijing, and experience some of the cultural and historical sites nearby, including the great Wall and the Forbidden City. Excursions to other cities or regions of China may sometimes also be included. For further information about the program, go to [hot link to current NCUT information].

Madrid: This program is primarily a language-acquisition opportunity for students of Spanish. The program is four weeks in duration, during which time students are taught by American faculty in the city of Madrid, Spain. There are many opportunities outside of the classroom for the student to use the city for help in learning the language, as well as to see the many cultural and historical sites in and around the Madrid. The program is independently operated by FORSPRO, the local contact being Dr. Bernice Nuhfer-Halten. For further information, see Professor Nuhfer-Halten or go to [hot link to current FORSPRO program information].

Other study abroad opportunities: Additional opportunities are under development both in other locations and in relation to different major filed. Also, sometimes special programs are developed by a professor or department in coordination with the International Programs office. These may include special seminars, opportunities offered by SPSU's international partner universities, and one-time study-abroad experiences. Further information can be obtained from the Office of International Programs.