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Other Programs - Non-SPSU

In addition to SPSU’s own study abroad programs, the University System of Georgia operates two different study-abroad programs available to all USG institution students:

1. USG Programs: These are the study abroad programs of the 34 other universities in the University System of Georgia. Some of their programs are open just to students of that university, while others are open to any USG, including students at SPSU. Most programs are either language-based, or art, history, and culture focused. Students make arrangements with the institution offering the program with the assistance of the SPSU Office of International Programs. For more information on the variety of programs available and locations in which these programs are offered, go to [hot link to the USG Study Abroad Catalog].

2. ISEP: An agreement with a consortium of international universities around the world enables any USG student to apply to study at any one of the more than 40 institutions in this consortium. Studies in a wide range of majors are available. Some programs are English language-based, while others require some knowledge of the language of the country in which the university is located. For further information on ISEP, go to [hot link to current ISEP information]. To participate in an ISEP program, contact the office of International Programs.

3. Council Programs: The USG has formed several regional councils representing different geographical areas of the world. Each council may annually develop one study-abroad program for its region and make the program available to any student in the USG. Council representatives are responsible for the organization of each program. For further information about these programs, go to [hot link to current USG information].