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SPSU PD coordinates joint training exercise for first responders

SPSU PD coordinates joint training exercise for first responders

Active shooter training

OCT. 2, 2013 – SPSU Police coordinated a joint-training active-shooter exercise on Oct. 2 with at least 100 local law enforcement officers, firemen and other first responders to better prepare them to deal with incidents that might happen on campus.

Fully outfitted with protective gear, the officers, first responders and emergency-management personnel moved through several scenarios simulating incidents in which they needed to find, isolate and neutralize an active shooter, safely evacuate bystanders, witnesses and casualties, and deal with a hostage situation. A variety of volunteers played the latter roles during the exercise, and the large vacant building on Rose Drive used – which at one time housed a nightclub, grocery store, restaurant and space for a flea market – had been set up to simulate a dormitory, offices and storage facilities.

Law enforcement officers used simunition – non-lethal training ammunition – to fire at the “bad guys.”

All of the Atlanta local news organizations were on hand to cover the action and to interview SPSU Lt. Duane Manns, who headed up the day’s operations and pronounced the drill a success. To view a video clip of the coverage, click on the following link: Active Shooter Joint Training Exercise.

Participating in the joint-training exercise were SPSU patrol officers; SWAT and patrol officers from the Cobb County and Paulding County Sheriff’s offices, and the Marietta Police Department; two engines and one truck from the Marietta Fire Department; members of the Metro Atlanta Ambulance Service; and representatives of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency and the Cobb County Emergency Management Agency.