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SPSU Summer Game Jam to focus on teen emotional health/wellness

SPSU Summer Game Jam to focus on teen emotional health/wellness


JUNE 19, 2014 – Artists and game designers/developers of all ages in Atlanta and Moscow will work together this weekend to produce new games focused on assisting teenagers with emotional health and wellness issues. SPSU is hosting the Atlanta venue.

A game jam is a gathering in which people plan, design and create computer-based and traditional board games within a tight timeframe – generally 24 to 48 hours. Game jams generally attract game programmers, game designers, artists, composers and others interested in computer game development and design.

SPSU’s Computer Game Design and Development program, which has provided the Georgia site for the annual Global Game Jam, and hosted numerous statewide game jams, has partnered for this event with the Georgia Game Developers Association, Teplitsa – a Russian IT “greenhouse of social technologies – and Jennifer Ann’s Group, an Atlanta-based nonprofit organization that works to discourage teen dating violence through awareness, education and advocacy. Teplitsa is hosting the Moscow venue for the jam.

The game jam will kick off at 6 p.m. on Friday, June 20, in Room 202 of the J Building at SPSU. Jennifer Ann’s Group will begin the game jam by announcing the winners of its annual game design challenge, which began in mid-February. Following a discussion of the health issues facing teenagers and the rules of the game jam, participants will form teams and begin brainstorming ideas about what to create and how. The jam will conclude at 5 p.m. on Sunday, June 22, with a closing ceremony at which the creators of the winning games will be recognized and various other awards will be presented.

To register for the jam, go to: (English) (Russian)

The SPSU Summer Game Jam is sponsored by Helen of Troy (HELE) and Child’s Play. For more information on this and other upcoming related events, go to