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Student-designed projects featured on WSB-TV

WSB-TV report

Marietta, Ga. (Dec. 15, 2011) A display of environment-conscious technological creations designed by students of electrical and computer engineering technology (ECET) and mechanical engineering technology (MET) attracted media attention last week.

Teams of students in ECET Prof. Scott Tippens’ Digital III course had been tasked with designing socially beneficial and environmentally friendly products. They were joined on certain projects by MET students supervised by Associate Prof. Mir Atiquallah, and the finished products were displayed and demonstrated in the gallery of the Engineering Technology Center on Dec. 12.

Prof. Tippens and some of the student designers found themselves interviewed on camera by Ross Cavitt of WSB-TV during the event for a story that appeared on multiple newscasts. To view the video, go to WSB-TV.

Among the items showcased were a remote-controlled blimp, an automatic plant-watering system, a wireless power meter, an autonomous submarine motor control and an oven, lawn mower, security system and military tent that all make use of the sun rather than electricity.