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SPSU gets tagged!

SPSU gets tagged!

SPSU tag

Bennie Sue Houck, a longtime employee in Student Records, was the first person to sport the new SPSU license tag on her vehicle when word went out recently that they were ready for purchase at tag offices.

“It’s a GREAT looking tag,” she said. “I am proud to have it on my vehicle.”

More SPSU tags are popping up on vehicles in campus parking lots every day, but the university has provided extra motivation to apply for a new tag now rather than later. The first 100 people to post a photo of themselves with the new tag on their vehicles on the Southern Polytechnic State University Alumni Facebook page ( and/or e-mail the photo to will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad.

Many tag offices do not yet have the SPSU tags in stock, but they are being mailed from the warehouse to motorists who request them.

If you have already had your birthday in 2012, you will only need to pay a $35 special tag fee to get one. If not, you may wait until your birthday, at which point you will have to pay your ad valorem tax, the usual $20 tag fee and the $35 special tag fee. If you request your SPSU tag before your birthday, you will have to pay the $35 special fee a second time when your birthday comes around.

Please note that the $35 is an additional fee you will have to pay each year in order to keep the SPSU tag. A portion of this fee is sent to the university each year, so you will be supporting SPSU in multiple ways by displaying it on your vehicle.