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Architecture students get inspiration from Paris, Barcelona

Architecture students get inspiration from Paris, Barcelona


SEPT. 24, 2013 – The department of Architecture invites the campus to explore “Paris/Barcelona,” an installation of student work and photography from "architours" of these cities this past summer.

As part of the exhibition, guests are invited to add to the Collective Folie (pictured at right), an interactive construction project inspired by artist Tadashi Kawamata’s work of the same name in the Parc de la Villette in Paris.

Tadashi Kawamata is an artist whose projects have taken place all over the world and range from intimate transformations of a single house or apartment to the whole-scale reconfiguration of towns. He is known for using scrap or reclaimed materials, mostly wood. His aim is to turn these environments inside out, and present the viewers with a completely fresh view of their surroundings.

During the summer, groups of SPSU’s architecture students traveled to Paris and Barcelona in search of inspiration, knowledge and adventure on two study-abroad “architours.” Prof. Ed Akins led students in Paris in completing eight-day courses and visiting architectural studios, while another group of students joined Prof. Michael Carroll for similar activities in Barcelona. While in Paris, the students visited and worked on Kawamata’s art installation.

The exhibit of work and photographs from the trips will remain on display through Oct. 18 in the main gallery of the Architecture building (Building N).