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SPSU ranks!

SPSU ranks!


Marietta, Ga. (Jan. 12, 2012) – U.S. News & World Report released a report this week ranking Top Online Degree Programs and, in the category of Graduate Computer Information Technology (CIT) Programs, SPSU’s Master of Science in Information Technology earned the number one spot for student engagement and accreditation.

“Quality computer information technology programs promote student participation in classes, allowing them opportunities to readily interact with their instructors and fellow classmates as is possible in traditional classroom environments. In turn, instructors not only are accessible and responsive, but they also are tasked with regularly assessing the quantity and quality of students' submissions, and implementing policies that ensure their students are only getting credit for doing their own work,” the magazine’s editors noted. “The strongest online degree programs for a masters of CIT also have a corresponding ABET-accredited undergraduate program and make it easy for students to interact with classmates as well as instructors.”

U.S. News defines online programs as those that have at least 80 percent of their course content available online. Out of 220 schools offering master's degrees in computing that completed the U.S. News survey, 26 reported offering online CIT degree programs during the 2010-2011 academic year.

Other top-ranked online graduate CIT programs included:

  • North Carolina State University–Raleigh (admissions selectivity)
  • Pennsylvania State University- University Park (faculty credentials and training), and
  • Johns Hopkins University's Whiting School of Engineering in Baltimore (student services and technology).

SPSU was one of only two Georgia institutions ranked by U.S. News with regard to online graduate CIT programs (Georgia Southern was the other one).

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