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SPSU is military friendly

SPSU is military friendly

GI Jobs logoMarietta, Ga. (Sept. 19, 2011) – SPSU has been included on a list of Military Friendly Schools for 2012. This distinction comes from a list provided annually by G.I. Jobs, the premier magazine for military personnel transitioning into civilian life. This list honors only the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America’s military service members and veterans as students.

Out of the nearly 8000 universities and trade schools in the United States, 1,518 were included on the list this year.

Being on the list of Military Friendly schools means military members and veterans will have an easier time choosing schools fitted for their needs. Whether they are seeking formal education to further their military career or prepare for a civilian career, the Military Friendly Schools list is provided to help narrow down the choices.

The Military Friendly Schools list is determined through extensive research and a data driven survey of schools nationwide. Methodology, criteria, and weighting for the list were developed with the assistance of an Academic Advisory Board consisting of educations from schools across the country.

There are also a variety of percentages that determine how a school is put onto the list:

Category one, worth 45 percent, includes things like VA-approval to accept the GI Bill, SOC membership, academic credit for CLEP and ACE, flexible learning programs and more such as certifications, programs and policies, and a school’s non-financial efforts to recruit and retain military and veteran students.

Category two, worth 35 percent, measures a school’s financial efforts to recruit and retain military and veteran students. This category includes things like Yellow Ribbon program membership, tuition benefits and percent of overall recruitment budget allocated to recruiting military students.

Category three, worth 15 percent, is for a school’s results, or success, in recruiting military and veteran students. This category includes the number of military and veteran students enrolled.

The remaining 5 percent is allocated to other standards including a school’s academic accreditations, etc.

An estimated 8 million military members and veterans are seeking a school, and SPSU is happy to be Military Friendly. To see SPSU and the other schools on the list, visit