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MS CM given initial ACCE accreditation for five years

MS CM given initial ACCE accreditation for five years


AUG. 1, 2014 – The American Council of Construction Education (ACCE) Board of Trustees voted to accredit SPSU’s Master of Science in Construction Management (MS CM) program for five years, the maximum period possible for an initial masters program accreditation.

“First time up for accreditation, [and the program gets a] full five years – it doesn't get any better,” declared Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) Rich Cole.

The ACCE team made its initial accreditation visit this past April and was clearly impressed with the program.

“We would like to acknowledge the key role played by Dr. Pavan Meadati, associate professor and graduate program coordinator, towards preparing the self study and coordinating the site visit activities,” Prof. Cole said. “The role of graduate faculty in the CM Department towards scholarship activities, funded research and cooperative partnership played a large part in the graduate program accreditation. In addition, all the CM faculty and staff made presentations and participated in the entire accreditation process.”

The Construction Industry Advisory Board (CIAB) also played a key role in the initial program accreditation. CIAB President Ken Barnett, Paul Hogan, chair of the Assessment and Accreditation Committee, and Nicholas Papleacos, an attorney on the SPSU Foundation Board of Trustees who is serving as visiting faculty for the graduate program, actively participated in the accreditation process.

“The contributions and inputs made by Paul Hogan, who is CEO of Hogan Construction Group, during the entire ACCE visit deserves special mention,” said Dr. Khalid Siddiqi, CM chair. “Paul participated in all meetings with the SPSU leadership and the CM faculty conducted by the visiting team during the two and a half days of the visit.”

The ACCE team also conducted interviews with then-President Lisa A. Rossbacher, then-VPAA Dr. Zvi Szafran and Prof. Cole, who is also dean of the School of Architecture and Construction Management.