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Architecture students stage exhibit at the High

Architecture students stage exhibit at the High Museum of Art


MARCH 7, 2013 -- Recently, a group of SPSU architecture students led by Dr. Pegah Zamani, assistant professor of architecture, had their work featured at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as part of an ongoing partnership between the High and SPSU.

The exhibit, called “A living machine: La casa-estudio de Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo” (a dissection of the bridge in the home-studio of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo), was displayed in the Wieland Lobby in conjunction with the “Frida & Diego” exhibit, one of the High’s largest attractions of the year.

“A living machine resulted from an extracurricular 10-day design charrette completed mostly during the weekends,” said Dr. Zamani. She selected six volunteers from 3rd and 4th year students to bring her ideas to life. Working in the Architecture department’s Digital Fabrication Woodshop, sometimes throughout the night, the team built five interpretive models of Kahlo and Rivera’s house-studio in Mexico City – a building renowned as “a factory, a machine for living” for its industrial style. Each exhibited model or “machine” decodes different aspect of the inhabitants’ lives and relationship with one other.

“The past weeks have been a challenging and, at the same time, rewarding experience for our team on multiple levels,” said Dr. Zamani. “Without the generous support of the High Museum, the Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo in Mexico City, the Architecture department and the Digital Fabrication Woodshop, we could never have accomplished what we did. We look forward to our next project and not only continuing but also expanding our collaboration with the High Museum of Art, thereby allowing our students a range of creative learning opportunities beyond the formal classroom walls.”

Dr. Zamani’s student team included Carlos Castillo, Joseph Kainoa Keomaka, Julia Cassidy, Matt Rosenberg, Fiorella Dimiceli and Hakim Hasan.