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SPSU to host 8th Georgia Game Jam Sept. 7-9

SPSU to host 8th Georgia Game Jam Sept. 7-9

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Georgia’s gaming enthusiasts will gather once more at SPSU this fall for 48 hours of non-stop fun, creativity and chaos known as Game Jam.

Led by the students and faculty of SPSU’s Computer Game Design and Development (CGDD) program, participants will meet at 5 p.m. that Friday to learn the theme and constraints they will operate under for the weekend and form teams of artists, designers and programmers that will each develop an appropriate game. From then until 5 p.m. Sunday, participants are free to brainstorm, create, test, sleep or not sleep as they wish. The weekend will end with a showcase of the best results and the awarding of prizes.

SPSU’s Game Jam has grown from 14 attendees in 2009 to 110 in 2011, according to CGDD Coordinator Jon Preston, who expects to welcome more than 200 participants this year. The university also served as the Georgia site of the 2011 Global Game Jam, a worldwide event that brought more than 150 attendees to the campus.

The 2012 Georgia Game Jam will be sponsored by the technology consulting firm Arke Systems and the School of Computing and Software Engineering.

Founded in 2005, Arke is an Atlanta-based consulting firm that bridges the gap between marketing and technology for businesses that realize information technology is a catalyst to their long-term success. Recognized as a Microsoft Silver Certified Partner and Sitecore Specialized Partner with two Specialization Certifications, Arke works with more than 100 companies across industries, including franchise business, energy, healthcare, retail, associations and more. For more information, visit


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