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SPSU alumni develop software app snapped up by Apple


Alumni Marshall Miller ‘11 and Tommy Tornroos ‘09, have launched a software company, GearSprout LLC, and this spring they released their first product, SproutConverter, now available in Apple’s Mac App Store.

The patent-pending application is the first software program on the market that can automatically remove blank spaces, video noise, distortion and other glitches from digital video files, home video cassettes and film, and downloaded movies, according to the SPSU alumni. The new software can also convert DVDs and downloaded video files to play on the iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Xbox 360, PS3 and more. The two men plan to have a Windows version of SproutConverter ready this summer.

Apple only accepts the best applications that have been thoroughly tested and evaluated. To have made it through the company’s rigorous and lengthy approval process is quite a feat.

Miller and Tornroos met at SPSU in 2010 and decided to quit their full-time day jobs in 2012 to pursue their goal: creation of GearSprout LLC.