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SPSU’s first CGDD grad lands job in industry

SPSU’s first CGDD grad lands job in industry


Billy Olden, SPSU’s first graduate in the Computer Game Design and Development (CGDD) program, has landed his first job in the gaming industry.

The May 2011 grad is working with Kiz Studios, maker of Planet Muck, as a lead programmer on a mobile application. He also plays a role in a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) style game for kids called SmashMuck Champions, which should be entering the testing stage soon.

Olden started out as a computer science major in 2008, but switched over to CGDD when SPSU began to offer this degree in the fall of 2009.

“I think the CGDD program is unique,” he said. “Not only has it taught me how to program, but also how to interact with users of my games, how to develop gaming programs across multiple platforms with different inputs (console vs. phone vs. computer), and how to think outside the box for creative development ideas.”

Currently the CGDD program has more than 137 students enrolled, two graduates and three or four more students on track to graduate in May. Some students are also pursuing a minor or a double-major in CGDD.