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Elementary school students play games with CSE

Elementary school students play games with CSE

Brumby Elementary

Fourth-grade students from Brumby Elementary School in Marietta came to SPSU in April to try out the video games they helped design through a collaborative project with the School of Computing and Software Engineering (CSE).

Under SPSU’s Games-for-Learning project, students in SPSU’s Education and Serious Game Design course began visiting Lazetta Hankerson’s class at Brumby Elementary back in February to get feedback from the youngsters before developing games that teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) learning.

After initial consultations, the group decided to zero in on games that teach about the solar system, math and weather. As the target audience, the elementary school students were able to provide invaluable input to the university students on the look and feel of the games, as well as what would and wouldn’t work.

As SPSU’s spring semester drew to a close, the university computer game design and development majors were eager to have Hankerson and her students test drive the results of the collaborative project and get further feedback on ways to improve the games.

Marka Ormbsy and Robin Daniel of the SPSU Tech Matters program organized the campus visit, which included a tour of the robots in SPSU’s mechatronics engineering lab before settling into the Computer Game Design and Development (CGDD) program’s gaming lab. During the day, the youngsters also received a lesson in the basics of computer gaming with CGDD Coordinator Dr. Jon Preston.

“Oh, they loved it. They got a chance to see how the STEM disciplines are really all connected,” said Hankerson.

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