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SPSU, Albany Tech sign ‘win-win’ articulation agreement

SPSU, Albany Tech sign ‘win-win’ articulation agreement

Albany Tech agreement

MARCH 11, 2013 -- Albany Technical College recently signed an articulation agreement with SPSU that will allow its students to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Manufacturing Operations without having to travel far from home. Last fall, Albany Tech launched an Associate of Applied Science degree in Operations Management, designed to provide students with the skills to organize and lead an organization in its daily operations. Courses are designed to acquaint students with the different types of operations necessary for the successful flow of products within an organization.

Through the articulation agreement, students earning an associate’s degree with Albany Tech will be able to easily transfer to SPSU to earn a bachelor’s degree in manufacturing operations. In this program, the first two years would be completed at Albany Tech, and the last two years would be online through SPSU’s Distance Learning program. This innovative arrangement was created to encourage graduates to remain in Albany, providing better-educated employees for the local economy

This is the second time Albany Tech has entered into an articulation agreement with SPSU; the first one – still in place – was for Engineering Technology programs.

“The articulation agreement between Albany Technical College and Southern Poly is a win-win for the students and for the two institutions,” said Matt Trice, vice president for the Center for Business Solutions at Albany Tech.

To view a news story about the agreement aired by Albany television station Fox 31, click on Albany Tech-SPSU agreement.