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3D printers, Injection Molding/ Blow Molding Machines:

We have state-of-the-art 3D printers which are used in our courses. "Rapid design and manufacturing" is one of the classes in which these printers are used.

We also have a plastic injection molding system manufactured by Van Dorn, a well established company offering plastics machinery.

This machine was funded by Siemens, which has also previously provided generous funding for student training work stations that are the heart and soul of modern automated manufacturing.

 We also have a blow molding machine which is used to make plastic bottles.

This machine uses a previously made hollow tube (a parison) which is heated in the machine. Air is then blown into the parison, inflating it into the shape of the hollow bottle. After the plastic has cooled sufficiently, the mold is opened and the part is removed.

These two machines as well as other smaller machines are used for training students who are taking courses like "Introduction to MET" and "Manufacturing Processes".

MET department has also used some injection molding dies to produce some specific parts for companies like Siemens.

We also have new modern tools and machines for forming sheets of metal. "Graphic design for manufacturing" is a class in which these machines are used.

Typical classroom/ conference room

Classrooms and conference rooms in the new ETM building are all equipped with smart podium and other modern equipment. All MET classrooms' computers have packages and software for multimedia and video presentations.

All of the equipment is available to students who want to enhance their oral presentations with multimedia.

Engineering Materials lab

The lab is equipped with all the necessary machines for various tests on different materials. Some of these are used for tensile testing & ductility, compression testing, Modulus of Elasticity, shear strength, impact testing, Brinell hardness and Rockwell hardness tests and also Metallography.

Engineering Graphics Lab

We have many Graphics Labs, two of which are dedicated to teaching a two-course sequence in Engineering Graphics, while the other Graphics Lab is dedicated to Senior Projects and Design Analyses. Each student station has two monitors.

Students get experience with such traditional graphics techniques as freehand sketching and lettering, and quickly advance to 3-dimensional CAD projects and solid modeling. During classes, each student has the exclusive use of a CAD workstation, and outside of class, a flexible and varied lab schedule gives students additional time to complete projects.

Although these are MET Department courses, students in most technical departments are required to take an introductory engineering graphics course.

Metrology Lab

In the Metrology Lab, students are introduced to geometric dimensioning and tolerancing, as well as the theory and practice of precision measurement with a wide variety of instruments.

Instructors with years of industrial experience educate and train students using up-to-date, realistic problems and experiments.

It is this mix of theory and practice that helps put Southern Polytechnic graduates in high demand by business and industry.

 Strength of Materials

The strength-of-materials lab is where traditional destructive tests are conducted to establish material properties and values.

This Universal Test Machine stresses structural members to failure, providing students with data to analyze and design components that are strong and cost effective.

 Machine Shop

Our students learn the basics of machine operations on lathes, mills, saws, grinders, and other fundamental machine tools. After a thorough background in the basics of tool operation and safety, they advance to numerical control and computer-integrated manufacturing.

Students apply what they've learned about design and manufacturing processes by planning and completing several practical projects.

Instruments/Power Lab

In the Instruments/Power Lab, students conduct numerous experiments to become familiar with current instrumentation and data acquisition equipment.

This rapidly changing field provides experience that is in high demand by manufacturing operations and other technical industries.

Automated Manufacturing

The Automated Manufacturing Lab is designed as a Senior Design Option series of courses in our Manufacturing Option.

The specific hardware includes the following: a Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) line, a pick-and-place Robot, a series of PLCs (programmable-logic controllers) which interface with individual workstations and a robotic inspection station.

Student Projects Lab

In these project labs, students plan, design, and construct complex vehicles, mechanisms, and other devices relevant to Mechanical Engineering Technology. More than simply projects, these competitions help prepare our students for collaborative, team-building situations as they will encounter on the job. We are currently involved with national and worldwide competitions involving the:

Formula SAE racecar The photograph shows two Formula SAE racecars designed and built by MET students. The gray model on the left was extremely successful, placing 14th in nationwide competitions with other engineering colleges and universities. Students are now at work designing and building a new car for upcoming events.

Super-mileage vehicle (SMV), designed to travel great distances with just a few ounces of fuel. Although not meant for practical, day-to-day use, such research adds to the body of knowledge needed for tomorrow's fuel-efficient vehicles.

Aerial Robotics autonomous flight aircraft: This sophisticated helicopter must take off, fly to a site, analyze the site, and return without any human intervention. The MET students have teamed with students in other departments to design and build this computer-controlled helicopter with GPS navigation systems. In worldwide competition, the SPSU aircraft has proved to be one of the best, easily beating colleges and universities from throughout the country.