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SPSU, Mechanical Engineering Technology,
Building Q,
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

Contact Info

Prof Sweigart

Chair of the Department: Prof John Sweigart

Office: Q 235,

Phone: 678-915-4985,  Fax: 678-915-7134

 Mrs Moody

Administrative Associate/ Department Head office: Vickie Moody (Deakins)

Office: Q 236, Email:

Phone: 678-915-7274, Fax: 678-915-7134


School of Engineering Technology and Management (ETM) contact info:

Prof Jeff Ray

Dean of the School: Prof Jeffrey Ray

Office: Q 328,

Phone: 678-915-7205,  Fax: 678-915-7134

Ms Ann Lay

Secretary to the Dean: Ms Ann Lay

Office: Q 327,

Phone: 678-915-7234,  Fax: 678-915-7134

Ms Vanessa Bard

Professional Advisor: Ms Vanessa Bard

Office: Q 330, Email:

Phone: 678-915-7231,  Fax: 678-915-7134

GSPE Faculty Advisor:Prof Donald Horton

Email:, Phone: 678-915-7311, Office: Q 228


ASME Faculty Advisor:Prof Mir Attiqullah

ASME @ SPSU Webpage, Phone: 678-915-7428, Office: Q 232


SME Faculty Advisor/ MET Website Manager:Prof Simin Nasseri

SME @ SPSU Webpage

Facebook Page

Email:, Phone: 678-915-7420, Office: Q 231


SAE Faculty Advisor:Prof Randy Emert

Formula SAE webpage

Email:, Phone: 678-915-7270, Office: Q 131

Technical Support: James Hudak, Phone: 678 915-4290


Machining/Welding Technician: Kevin Starks

Mailing Address: 

MET Department, Southern Polytechnic State University

1100 South Marietta Parkway, Marietta, GA 30060, USA

Web address:

Department's Facebook Page

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