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Math Placement

The suggested engineering curriculum assumes that you are starting at the Calculus I level. If you start below that level, it will likely take you longer than 4 years to graduate.

Math Assessment Test

First-time Freshman will need to take the Math Assessment Test (MAT) prior to orientation at SPSU.  It is important for students to prepare for the MAT.  Information regarding the MAT is found at /orientation/math.htm

“MAT scores are used to determine a student’s appropriate starting point in SPSU’s math sequence. Students may only enroll in a math course at SPSU for which all prerequisites have been met or into which the MAT places them. Note, however, that MAT scores will not be used to “take away” course credit previously awarded by SPSU.”

If you feel your MAT score did not place you in the proper MATH course at SPSU, you may want to consider taking a College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exam in College Algebra and/or Precalculus. This is not administered by SPSU.

Math Transfer Credit

If you transfer  in Math credits from another institution, then you do not need to take the MAT. Instead, register for the next required math course, following the course prerequisite. **Keep in mind that delay in sending in your latest transcript to SPSU will likely result in a delay in registering for your MATH course that is dependent on that prerequisite.

AP Exams in Mathematics

If you will take or have taken one of the AP Calculus Exams, with a minimum score of 3, you can receive credit and may be able to skip Calculus I and/or II. See the MAT website for details. However, in many cases it may be advantageous for you to take Calculus I even if your AP score placed you in Calculus II.