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Please note; the curriculum has has two major changes since 2009.

The few students remaining who started the program before Fall 2011 may continue with the Curriculum for 2009-2011 SPSU Catalogs, or any other more recent catalogs.  However there are some course substitutions. It is recommended they take the new curriculum instead, unless it will result in a delay in graduation.

A significant change in the curriculum was effective for students starting in Fall 2011, must take the Curriculum for 2011-2012 SPSU Catalog.This curriculum includes changes that were made to improve the program.  BSME Requirement for Catalogs 2011--2014 had no major changes.

A change in the curriculum to place for students starting Fall 2014.  The C++ programming course is replaced with a new MATLAB programming course, ME 1311, which should be offered Spring 2015.  Yet students who have taken CSE 1301 will not have to take ME 1311.  The math elective which was a choice of either MATH 2335 - Numerical Methods or MATH 3312 - Linear Algebra - has been expanded to include a broader choice of basic math and science courses.  See your advisor for details.  Finally, the number of Technical Elective credits has increased from 8 to 9 hours.  This fits most student's plans better because nearly all the elective course are 3 credits.  Total credits required remains 129 hours.

See your advisor if you have questions.

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