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Mathematics Colloquia

Wavelets, the Molecules and Atoms of the Mathematical Universe
Josip Derado, Kennesaw State University

Tuesday March 25  2:30pm  Q207


The Life of Pi: On the Life and Contributions of Ramanujan
Zhu Cao, SPSU Q202, 3:14 PM  Piday March 14


New Problems in Matrix Theory
Ulrica Wilson, Morehouse College/ICERM

Tuesday,  February 18   2:30 PM   Q207
Refreshments 2 PM Building D Second Floor

Sum-Product Inequalities
Albert Bush, Georgia Institute of Technology

Tuesday,  October 22  3 PM  Q207
Refreshments 2:30 PM Building D Second Floor


Periods of sequences given by linear recurrence relations mod p
Alan Koch

Tuesday,  September 17  3 PM  Q207
Refreshments 2:30 PM Building D Second Floor


Symmetry Groups and Temari Balls Plus
Carolyn Yackel

Tuesday, March 26 2013   4 PM Q207
Refreshments 3:30 PM Building D Second Floor


Steven Edwards

Give Me a Place To Stand, and I Will Make You Pi
Thursday March 14, 2013  3:14 PM Q202
In Celebration of Pi Day



Mathematical Music Theory
Monday, February 25 2013  4pm  Q206
Meet the speaker:
coffee & cookies 3:30pm 2nd floor D


Math 3696

MATH 3696 Geometry
Prerequisite: A grade of "C" or higher in MATH 2254
It is recommended that students taking this course have
successfully completed Math 2255 or Math 3312. At a minimum,
students should have an avid interest in mathematics, its
foundation, and logic.
This is a rigorous development of plane geometry starting with
Book I of The Elements of Euclid and continuing through the
subject as it evolved during the 19th century. Depending on the
interest of the instructor and the students, topics may include a
deeper study of projective planes, non-Euclidean geometries,
early developments in algebraic geometry, or the use of modern
algebra and/or analysis in geometry.