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Strategic Marketing Department
Norton Hall R2-306
1100 South Marietta Pkwy
Marietta, GA 30060

Visual Identity/Style Guide

The Strategic Marketing Department manages the University’s brand by overseeing the identity of the University, including, but not limited to: overall image representation, logo use, editorial style review, design and advertising medium approval.

The University brand is the perception people have when they think of Southern Polytechnic State University. Our brand can be seen through:

  • The promise of what we deliver to our students and through our graduates what we deliver to the community.
  • The grants the university receives and the research we conduct.
  • The selection of majors and programs we offer and the quality of these programs.
  • Our Sense of Place.

In order to support the SPSU brand, please follow these guidelines:

  • Always use official logo files downloaded from this site.
  • Incorporate official university colors and design elements into all design work.
  • Submit final artwork to the Strategic Marketing Department for review and approval (
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