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Goat Night

Goat Nite 1981
Image from page 6 of the November 6, 1981 issue of The Sting.

Goat Night, one of the most unique student activities at SPSU, is celebrated every year on the Wednesday before Halloween.

Festivities include three days of events leading up to the actual Goat Night finale on Wednesday. On Monday, campus fraternities and sororities submit Goat Night banners, which are hung in the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center. Because Goat Night falls so close to the start of the basketball season, banners have historically been based around two themes: goats and basketball. However, since 2010, banners are no longer required to include a basketball theme.

On Tuesday, fraternities and sororities participate in a penny war to benefit a philanthropic organization, which changes yearly. The three day event culminates on Wednesday's Goat Night, which includes an eating competition (usually Krystal hamburgers and slushies), a variety show featuring skits with live goats (safely and humanely sourced by SPSU's Student Life Office), and a choreographed dance from each fraternity and sorority.

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