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Faculty Guide

Faculty Use of Library

This section describes the policies and procedures affecting faculty use of the KSU Lawrence V. Johnson Library. It covers procedures for checking out books, using the libraries of other schools of the Atlanta Regional Consortium of Higher Education (ARCHE) and the University System of Georgia, reserving materials for student use, requesting purchases and requesting library instruction.


To receive library services, all faculty must have a Southern Polytechnic ID card which they must present at the Circulation Desk to establish his/her account.


Regularly circulating materials are checked out to faculty for the current semester, with return or renewal requested at the end of each semester. All materials must be returned after three renewals. Reference materials and current periodicals do not circulate. Faculty may borrow older issues of periodicals for a brief negotiable period. Lost library material should be reported immediately. Faculty members are expected to pay for any library material they lose or damage.

Interlibrary Loan

Books may be borrowed and photocopies obtained from other libraries upon completion of the appropriate interlibrary loan request forms online. Faculty requesting interlibrary loan service must indicate on the form whether they are willing to pay for any service and/or photocopy charges placed on materials by the supplying institution. The Lawrence V. Johnson Library does not assume these charges.

Interlibrary Use

ARCHE (Georgia Private University libraries)

Through agreements with Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education, Southern Polytechnic faculty may borrow materials from other libraries in the Atlanta-Athens area. To obtain interlibrary privileges, apply at the Reference / Hive Desk.

GIL express (University systems of Georgia libraries)

GIL Express is a service offered at all libraries with the University System of Georgia (USG). The service allows faculty to obtain any eligible circulating material from any of the USG libraries. GIL Express is available to all eligible faculty through both an on site service and a remote requesting service (online).

If a University System of Georgia library chooses to charge recall fines for materials checked out through GIL Express the faculty should pay for the charge.

Reserves (Electronic/Print)

Materials may be placed on reserve by completing a Reserve Request Form available at the Circulation Desk or online. If the library does not have the materials requested, the faculty member may place his or her own copy on reserve.

  • Only required readings should be placed on reserve.
  • Any reserve item which does not circulate five times in a semester will be removed from reserve.
  • Reserve items may circulate for two hours in the library, or for three or seven days outside of the library, as specified by the faculty member
  • All materials (electronic and print) are removed from the reserve at the end of every semester unless the library receives notification from the faculty member that the materials are to remain on reserve for another semester.

Requests for Purchase of Material for the Library Collection

All suggestions and requests for purchase of materials for the library collection should be submitted through the departmental Library Committee member.

Library Instruction

Instruction in the use of the library and its resources is provided by Reference Librarians and is geared toward students' library research as required in specific courses. Library instruction is available on request of the instructor and is recommended for all classes involving any library research projects. Faculty wanting to schedule instruction sessions for their classes should make arrangements with the Head of Reference. Individual or departmental faculty library orientation is also available on request to acquaint and update faculty with library services and policies.