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Library Instruction

Library Instruction

The Reference Department schedules and conducts instruction sessions for classes or groups on request. A librarian works with each class or group to teach research strategies, the use of electronic resources, and the evaluation of information. Sessions may be geared to a specific research project or interest. Most classes are taught in conjunction with SPSU courses, but other groups with a need to use the library are encouraged to ask for an instruction session.

  • If term papers or research projects are assigned in lower-level classes, an hour of instruction with a librarian can introduce students to the fundamentals of research.
  • In upper-level and graduate classes, a librarian can show students more advanced research strategies or tailor a presentation for a specific research question.
  • Librarians can help devise effective research assignments for research methods courses.

Reference librarians have already prepared a number of subject guides to library resources, databases, and Internet resources. All guides are accessible via Libguides.

Please note that library instruction is tailored to you and your students’ needs. See the list below for information we can cover during a presentation. (Note: We will make the presentation based on your requests. If you make no requests, we will proceed with the formats below. Feel free to mix and match ideas!)

Abbreviated Presentation (Typical SPSU1001 Course)

  • Website navigation
  • Library account access information
  • Basic "how to" for using Hive Search (our new EBSCO Discovery Service tool!)
  • Information on other services available through the library
  • Plagiarism (Don’t do it!)

Standard Presentation (Typical Eng1102 Course)

  • Hive Search instruction
  • Subject research
  • Source evaluation
  • Other useful hints and strategies (why not to use Wikipedia; Google; procrastination; etc.)
  • Plagiarism (Don’t do it!)

Other Information Covered Upon Request

  • Citation (theory and exactness, online assets) -- APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Advanced Hive Search/GALILEO (usually more for upper division classes)
  • Other topics upon request (example: how to use Google as an effective tool for finding information)
  • How to use the internet appropriately for scholarly information

We can also provide reference assistance to students in the classroom. We get this request frequently and it works out pretty well. Warning: this usually involves a computer classroom, please take this into account.

To Schedule a class session, please contact the Reference Department at (678) 915-7471 or email Aarom Wimer or Amy Coughenour.

Please schedule your classes at least one week in advance.

Faculty Attendance: It is the policy of the Reference department to provide instruction to students and faculty. If you are unable to attend your class during a scheduled library instruction session, please reschedule for another time, or cancel your library instruction session. If the primary instructor is not present for the instruction session, the library instructor reserves the right to cancel the session. If you cannot be present for you class, please contact the Career and Counseling Center for substitute coverage.