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Proposal Guidelines

Students may submit the following types of proposals:


Students who submit individual proposals will be placed on a panel with other students who submit individual proposals.  Students will want to create a 10 – 15 minute talk concerning an element of the conference theme. 


Students who submit a proposal for a panel of three students should submit a panel presentation. The panel will be given 45 minutes to speak and should leave five to ten minutes for a question and answer session. 

 Round Table Discussions

Round table presentations ask for students to create a discussion topic concerning the theme of the conference that will be of interest for those attending the conference.  There can be three to four presenters.  Each should give no more than a five-minute talk.  The floor should then be opened up for a broad discussion of the topic.

 Video Presentation

Each student interested in making a video presentation should create a 5 – 10 minute video concerning a topic that works with the theme of this conference. 

 Poster Session

Each student interested in taking part in the poster presentation should construct a poster that in some way shows an issue that relates to the theme of the conference.  For example, it may introduce the topic of team-building and may supply information that shows a student’s research on the topic.  This could include information from secondary research on how to build teams, it could include exercises that the student has created and used, and it could include survey results concerning the topic of team building that may analyze how good teams operate vs. poor teams. 


Students may also enter photographs for the conference that display a theme concerning leadership. Students interested in submitting photographs should submit the following:

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