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Two-Year Plan of Study

Every student in the Information Technology Department and CSE college is REQUIRED to complete a two year plan of study during their first term at KSU.  This 2-year plan of study, also called the Degree Completion Plan, is simply the courses that you PLAN on taking for the next two years.

In order for you to complete your 2-year plan of study (degree completion plan), you will also need to look at our Permanent Schedule that lists the courses for even and odd years.  This list of courses is the MINIMUM that we will be offering each term.  Additional courses may be added to the term as needed.

You can use your flowchart to write down which term you plan on taking your particular choice of courses.  Turn in this plan of study to your advisor during your first term at KSU.

If you don't complete your 2-year plan of study, we will be putting a "hold" on your record so that you can't pre-register for classes for the next term.  The reason for doing this is that we believe planning out your schedule is an integral part of success to complete your degree!!!

Click here to get your current flowchart:

The Permanent Schedule is also online.

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