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BASIT Online Orientation Introduction

Welcome to the BASIT program.  We are very excited that you have chosen to complete your bachelor's degree with us here in Information Technology.  Kennesaw State University (KSU) is part of the University System of Georgia and offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees.  The campus is located in Marietta, GA.

As students who have completed an AAS degree from a Technical School, we will be transferring in your complete AAS degree credits so that you will have only two more years (full-time study) to complete your bachelor's degree.  Your degree credits will be evaluated by Dr. Ming Yang - Coordinator of the BASIT program.  You can find Dr. Yang's contact information in "Contact Information," and in the "Meet Your Faculty, Staff and Administrators" sections. 

One thing to remember on transfer credits - if you're coming from a Technical College, you have been on quarters (although that will be changing fall 2011 to semesters) and we are on semesters here at KSU.  Your quarter hours will be converted to semester hours (i.e., a 5 hour quarter class will transfer as a 3 hour semester class).

There will be a section on "Frequently Asked Questions" that, hopefully, will answer many of the questions you will have.  Any other questions after completing this orientation should be directed to Dr. Yang through KSU email:

Again, welcome to the BASIT program!!!