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    Program Outcomes

    BSIT Outcomes

    Each graduate of the program should be able to:

    1. apply problem solving skills, core IT concepts, best practices and standards to information technologies;
    2. identify and evaluate organizational requirements and current and emerging technologies;
    3. select, design, integrate and administer IT-based solutions into the organizational environment;
    4. communicate effectively, both in writing and in speaking;
    5. demonstrate an ability to participate effectively in the planning and execution of team projects;
    6. describe the impact of IT solutions in a global, societal, and ethical context;
    7. describe the need for lifelong learning and some of the methods for engaging in it.

    MSIT Outcomes 

    Upon graduation, MSIT graduates should be able to:

    • Demonstrate broad knowledge of all technical areas of information technology and an in-depth knowledge of at least one area below:
      • Data management
      • Information assurance and security
      • Network and communication
      • Servers and platforms
      • Software and web development
    • Synthesize and evaluate models for IT management
    • Manage the various aspects of an IT organization, using accepted standards and best practices where appropriate, including:
      • IT strategic planning
      • IT operations and systems planning and implementation
      • Legal and regulatory environment of IT
      • Functional requirements and their management
      • Business value attainment through information and communication technologies
      • Cost effective IT service delivery