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  tutorial Self Help Tutorials  
  Each title below is a link to a walkthrough for that tool. To the right is a downloadable and printable PDF version of each walkthrough.  
Tools Description Format
Accouncement Announcement Provide updates and new information to your students in
a way that adds emphasis.
  > Create an Announcement PDF
  > Edit an Announcement PDF
Assessment Assessment Use Quizzes, Surveys, and Self tests to Assess Students performance in the course, allow students to give feedback or opinions, and give tests that provide feedback so they can assess their understanding of course material.  
  > Adding Assessment to Learning Module PDF
  > Adding Paragraph Question PDF
  > Adding Short Answer Question PDF
  > Create an Assessment PDF
  > Make Assessment Visible PDF
  > Back-up Assessments PDF
  > Restore Assessments PDF
assessment_manager Assessment Manager Grade assessments and provide feedback inside
GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8.
  > Grading by Questions PDF
  > Grading by Student PDF
Assignment Assignment Create and edit assignment inside GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8.  

> Adding Assignment to Learning Module

    > Creating Assignment PDF
    > Editing Assignment PDF
Assignment Dropbox Assignment Dropbox Review, comment on, grade and return assignments.  
  > Grading Assignment and Return to Students PDF
  > Viewing Assignment Submission and Return to Students for Review PDF
  > Viewing Assignment Submission PDF
  > Publish Exemplary Work PDF
course_content Back-up and Restore Content Preserving content for your course section is very important. The tutorials below will help you preserve content like Learning Modules, Assessments, Grades, and items from the File Manager.  
  > Back-up Assessments PDF
  > Restore Assessments PDF
  > Back-up File Manager PDF
  > Restore File Manager PDF
  > Back-up Grade Book


  > Restore Grade Book PDF
  > Back-up Learning Modules PDF
  > Restore Learning Modules PDF
Calendar Calendar View and create dated reminders about events.  
  > Create a Calendar Entry PDF
  > Establish Links in Calendar PDF
Chat Chat Use Chat to engage in conversations with all users or selected users. Use the Chat tool's Whiteboard to draw objects, enter text, import images, and create slide shows that can be viewed in real time by other users.  
  > Adding Chat Rooms to Homepage PDF
  > Creating Chat Rooms PDF
  > How to Chat with Students PDF

> Viewing Chat Room Logs

course_content Course Content The Course Content tool is available in each course. It is the first tool under Course Tools on the course menu. You can use the Course Content tool to create and organize content in logical units that are meaningful to Students. This also allows students to access content from a central location.  
  > Add file to current page / folder PDF
  > Add folder PDF
  > Add Content Link PDF
  > Edit Header / Footer using plain text PDF
  > Edit Header / Footer using HTML editor PDF
  > Edit Header / Footer by adding an image PDF
  > Copy content into a new section for GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 Video
Discussions Discussions Ask questions, generate discussion, and encourage Students to share feedback and ideas. Section Instructors can assign grades for participation, just as they would in a classroom course.  
  > Accessing Discussion Tool PDF
  > Create a Discussion PDF
  > Grade a Discussion Topic PDF
  > Post a Discussion Message PDF
  > Create a Journal Discussion Topic PDF
file_manager File Manager Use File Manager to create and store files used in a course. You can use these files for course design activities. Each course has a File Manager tool.  
  > Locate the File Manager PDF

> Best Practices

  > Create files in the File Manager PDF
  > Create folders in the File Manager PDF
  > Get files PDF
  > Edit HTML Files PDF
  > Duplicate Files or Folders PDF
  > Using Web Folders PDF
  > Back-up File Manager PDF
  > Restore File Manager PDF
Goals The Goals tool allows you to record goals for a course.  
  > Create a goal  
  > Add a Goal to an Activity  
sdf Grade Book Grade Book's main purposes are, to view, enter, and manage grades for all Students and Auditors, to enter descriptive data about Students and Auditors (For example: names, addresses, telephone numbers, areas of interest), and to grant or deny access to the course for all section members.  
  > Create a Numeric Column PDF
  > Create a Text Column PDF
  > Create a Calculated Column PDF
  > Change a Grade PDF
  > Export the Grade Book PDF
  > Change Column Order PDF
  > Edit entire column of grades PDF
  > Import a Grade Book PDF
  > Accessing People Links in the Grade Book PDF
  > Calculating final averages using columns PDF
  > Release a Grade PDF
Grading Forms The Grading Forms tool provides a more granular way of grading Students' work by identifying specific criteria and levels of performance against the criteria.  
  > Create Grading Forms  
  > Example Grading Rubric for Discussion (Word)  
Group Manager Group Manager The Group Manager tool allows you to create empty groups, such as study groups or assignment groups, that can later be used to group members.  
  > Custom Group  
  > Groups With Sign-up Sheets  
  > Multiple Group  
LM Learning Modules Use the Learning Modules tool to organize and deliver course content. You can add content to learning modules, such as Discussions topics.  
  > Add File to a Learning Module  
  > Create a Learning Module PDF
  > Create a New Content Link PDF
  > Edit File in a Learning Module PDF
  > Back-up Learning Modules PDF
  > Restore Learning Modules PDF
Mail Mail Mail allows you to communicate with other GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 users through written correspondence, in text or HTML format, and file attachments. You can send mail to other users in the selected course or section.  
  > Copy Messages PDF
  > Create Printable View of Messages PDF
  > Move Messages PDF
sdf Manage Course The Manage Course area is a central place containing features that you use to customize a course:  
  > Rollover dates PDF
  > Adding and removing course tools PDF
  > Hiding or showing course tools PDF
Selected Release Selective Release Use the Selective Release tool to control the release of items and folders, all from a single page.  
  > Release an assessment to a single student PDF
  > Release an assessment by Member PDF
  > Release a Learning Module by Date PDF
  > Release a Learning Module by Group PDF
Syllabus Syllabus Make a syllabus available to Students to provide them with course information.  
  > Accessing Syllabus Tool PDF
  > Create a Built-in Syllabus PDF
  > Upload a Syllabus File PDF
Web Links Web Links You can use the Web Links tool to compile a list of Internet addresses. These Internet addresses can then be added to folders and learning modules to reference web pages outside of your course. You can set the web page to open in a new browser window and you can also set release criteria.  
  > Create Web Links  
  > Create Web Links Categories  
Who Who's Online You can use the Who's Online tool to chat in real time with users who are enrolled in any of your courses and logged in to the Blackboard Learning System at the same time you are logged in. You can access the Who's Online tool from My Blackboard. If a link to the Who's Online tool appears under Course Tools on the course menu, you can also access it there.  
  > Introduction to Who's Online PDF
  > Accept Chat Invitation PDF
  > Change Online Status PDF
  > Decline Chat Invitation PDF
  > End Chat Invitation PDF
  > Send Chat Invitation PDF
  > Update the list of online users PDF
As Southern Polytechnic State University moves into using the new course management system, the Academic Support Center will be offering workshops regarding course design, GeorgiaVIEW Vista 8 tools, and other products that aid in teaching and learning online.