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Why SPSU Housing?!?!

There are several benefits of living on campus versus living off campus. Here are some of the top reasons why you should live on campus.

Convenience! There are no long commutes, you can wake up five minutes before class and still make it on time! Everything is right here at your fingertips.

All Inclusive! Cost of living on campus includes furniture, laundry, all utilities, Internet and Cable. No monthly bills!

Academic Success! Studies have shown that students who live on campus tend to do better than those who do not, both academically and socially.

Full College Experience! Students who live on campus are typically more satisfied with their overall college experience. Your college experience won't be the same without it!

Friends for a Lifetime! The friends you make while living on campus will be your friends for life! You'll live together, eat together, study together, and laugh together!

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Need more convincing? Watch Max's story and see the struggles that he faced as a commuter living off campus.