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Graduate Assistant Recruitment and Selection

Conditions of Employment

  • Must enroll for a minimum of nine and not exceed twelve credit hours of graduate study each semester the assistantship is in effect.
  • Must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0.
  • Appointments are made for an academic year, although staff responsibilities begin in July prior to the fall semester opening of the residence halls and terminate after the spring semester closing of the residence halls in May.
  • Summer employment may be available (contingent upon staffing needs); hiring priority is given to current staff.
  • Graduate Assistants may be required to remain on campus during usual academic break periods (i.e. Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, Spring Break, etc.) depending on assignment.
  • Reappointment is based upon job performance, evaluation, and continued enrollment in the University.
  • You may not have any additional employment outside this assistantship. 

Position Summary

This is a part-time, live-in/on position for full-time graduate students. The primary function of this position is to contribute to the creation of a comfortable community conducive to the academic success and personal development of undergraduate staff and/or students.

Graduate Residents work in one of several areas within Department of Housing and Residence Life; these areas are outlined below. 

Position Responsibilities 

General Responsibilities of All Graduate Residents

  • Support, communicate, enforce and abide by all University and Department policies, procedures and regulations.
  • Serve a maximum of 30 office hours per week. Specific hours will be determined in collaboration with your Coordinator.
  • Participate in scheduled move-ins, move-outs, orientations, open houses, Senior Resident Assistant (SRA) training and Resident Assistant (RA) training.
  • Be available to serve in an on-call rotation for an assigned duty area, as needed.
  • Attempt to be available to staff and residents beyond scheduled duty times.
  • Be knowledgeable of and prepared to implement emergency response and other life safety protocols as outlined by the Department.
  • Participate in undergraduate staff recruitment, selection and training. May also be asked to assist in professional staff recruitment and selection.
  • Foster a supportive and challenging multi-cultural environment through staff selection and training, community programming and contact with staff and students.
  • Participate in the supervision and evaluation of the Resident Assistants (i.e. one-on-one, staff meetings etc.). The scope of responsibilities and supervision will vary by each individual appointment according to the needs of that particular community.
  • Hold regular staff meetings for community Resident Assistants, keeping them updated and informed on Department policies, procedures, and events.
  • Create and manage a duty schedule for one’s community.
  • Supervisor and collaborate with the Senior Resident Assistant position to enhance one’s community.
  • Assist with the mediation of roommate conflicts and disputes.
  • Support departmental academic initiatives and promote the academic success of residents through programming and policy enforcement. Provide ongoing support to students and staff for programmatic efforts.
  • Manage the programming budget and requirements for one’s community.
  • Insure adequate marketing and promotion for all events, activities, and programming for assigned community.
  • Co-advise or advise hall/community councils and/or student staff committee assignments.
  • Serve, as needed, as a hearing officer for students allegedly involved in housing policy violations.
  • Respond through personal contact with students and staff to resolve problems, answer questions, clarify policy and refer to other agencies.
  • Discuss maintenance, custodial, and security issues with appropriate staff in order to ensure that services meet departmental standards. This includes tracking I-Spy Forms for assigned community.
  • Perform other duties consistent with the purpose of the position as assigned.

Specific Responsibilities of the Hives Community Graduate Assistants

  • Assist with the development and implementation of a First Year Experience (FYRE) for the Howell or Hornet Village Community. 
  • Would oversee the three First Year Residential Experience initiatives Hall Council, Emerging Leaders and Theme Communities under the supervision of the FYRE Coordinator.

Specific Responsibilities of the Apartments Community Graduate Assistants

  • Work in conjunction with Athletics to enhance the residential experience of the student athlete. 
  • Establish a leadership initiative for the apartment community. 

Specific Responsibilities of the Special Interest Community Graduate Assistants

  • Work in conjunction with English Language Services (ELS) and the international exchange program to benefit the residential experience of international students. 
  • Work in conjunction with the Office of Greek Life to enhance the residential experience of Greek affiliated students.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a Sophomore Year Experience.