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99% Complete with the J Building 

Exterior doors of Q Building have been completed

Interior doors of Q began on December 1, 2014 - 90% complete

M building installation began on 12/8/2014 - 50% complete

Leave green button exposed on door.     Do not push in button like this.

Please do not press the black and green button when you leave a room with a door like this.

This button will lock the door as if you have engaged the deadbolt lock.

If you have any questions about how to secure this door, please contact the HornetCard office at

hornetcardaccess@spsu.edu or (678) 915-4279.


Southern Polytechnic State University HornetCard Access System is a campus-wide system that allows people to use their HornetCard to access various buildings on campus.

Possession of a HornetCard in and of itself will not constitute access to a building. Departments located in buildings using HornetCard Access will determine which individuals have authorization to access their building. SPSU enhances building security by limiting access to those students, faculty and staff that need to access a specific building.

To report any HornetCard Access issues please submit a Help Desk ticket. You should receive a response within 24-48 business hours.

Requesting Access

To request access into a room that is electronically locked or has an alarm code, please complete the HornetCard Access Ticket in the Campus Services section of Help Desk. Once the ticket has been completed, an email will generate to your supervisor who needs to approve the request. Your supervisor is determined automatically by the information published in the campus directory. Please ensure your directory information is accurate before submitting your request. Once your supervisor approves your request, by selecting the approved option in their email, your access will be processed.

Key Request Form

Help Desk

Student Academic Access Requests

Academic access can be given out to groups of students according to major or specific courses. Students are only eligible to receive access if they are currently enrolled in courses for the applicable academic term. The student access will begin to be assigned after the add/drop date of the applicable semester. Student access will last from then until the last day of finals of the applicable semester.

If your department is interested in authorizing students to have electronic door/alarm access based off of their major or a course they are enrolled in please contact the access coordinator at hornetcardaccess@spsu.edu. If you wish to request access for a student(s) not based on their major or course they are enrolled in then you will need to follow the general access procedure and submit a HornetCard Access Request ticket in Help Desk for each student you wish to have access.

Student Residential Access Request

All residential access will be assigned to HornetCards based on the students Housing contract terms. If you have any questions about living on campus or your Housing contract please contact the Housing Department at www.spsu.edu/housing.

Contractor Access Requests

For a contractor requesting to gain access into a room that is electronically locked or has an alarm code, please complete the HornetCard Contractor Access Ticket in the Campus Services section of the primary Help Desk. The department responsible for the contractor, will be the one who will need to request the access. Please allow 24-48 business hours for processing.


Revoking Access

To terminate electronic door access or alarm code for any student, faculty and/or staff, please complete the HornetCard Revoke Access Ticket in the Campus Services section of the primary Help Desk.


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